Heavy requirements increase?

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Post by Ho » Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:34 pm

Just an FYI, most of the ratings in this thread are exactly the reason these changes were put in place. People are just giving these things out for no reason or the wrong reasons...or worse yet, in response to another rating that was given for the wrong reason.

Remember, ratings are to be given for posts you believe are especially good or deserve some sort of recognition. Or on the opposite side, posts that you feel are offensive or not in the spirit of this community.

You SHOULD NOT rate random posts because you think that person's ranking should be higher or lower or simply because you disagree with a rating they have already received.

We have a lot of junk ratings floating around from people who are not taking this at all seriously. It's not meant to be a hardcore big deal, but it does deserve some minimum level or respect or it ceases to have any value whatsoever. These most recent changes were put in place to help identify and reduce the effects of these "junk ratings."