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Post by TaQa » Thu Mar 31, 2005 11:37 pm

TaQa wrote:I'd like to take a moment to recognize Ho for putting a lot of time and money into the site and community that is IndyDDR.
Rusty Shackleford in a comment wrote:Go check out the Thank you Ho thread. You aren't contributing to this conversation wiether it be pro or con.
Perhaps you didn't get what I implied.

This is a site that is community based. There are many people on the board that dislike Casey, and there are about the same amount who like Casey. We'll say for the sake of argument that 1/3 like him, 1/3 dislike him, and 1/3 don't give a damn. So what is Ho to do? Should he piss off 1/3 of the group by keeping him around? Or piss of another 1/3 by taking action on him. I, for one, believe Ho can do whatever he damn well pleases, because he's gonna get crap for it no matter what he does. HOWEVER, doing what he has done (the administrative action thing on Casey), in my opinion, needed to be done. Maybe not to Casey, but to someone at least, and Casey just happened to be the guy to set it off.

Unfair you say? Too big of a punishment? Perhaps, but it will sure as hell calm the group down a bit in the long run. In case you haven't noticed, Ho is looking of for this sites best interests. Casey is gonna come back, and everyone will be happy again, but this needed to be done.

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