Pop'N's timing debunked

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Pop'N's timing debunked

Postby Amp Divorax » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:12 am

Ok, I'm getting sick of this BS so I'm setting the record straight on this.

Pop'N's timing never changed or got nerfed unlike what some people are trying to say. I've played through every console release now (including the PSone releases which I'll never play again as long as I live) and while some songs are a little wacky (Votum Stellarum), the timing windows has felt around the same general size for me. (Sync on the other hand was a different story as until Carnival there was no way to adjust the window and in some eariler songs it's simply weirder than shit.)

Also, on unlocking in Carnival and newer, if the unlock is done in challenge Super Challenge can be used to turn on Cool timing and it will work the same.
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