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Re: Moved here from Cincy

Post by dubukat » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:52 am

ShawnS wrote:Clearly, quality of machine isn't a big deal for us :lol: , I get more of a rush from jumping around to a song I haven't heard in forever.
That's me. I would rather play a janky machine with 2 dz songs I like than a nice machine with 6.
Just ask Shawn, I'm picky 8) I like my Kpop, but not much else.
I tweeted to Great Times asking about it, if they don't respond I may drive down and look myself.

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Re: Moved here from Cincy

Post by Fluffyumpkins » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:31 am

dubukat wrote:
Fluffyumpkins wrote:People in attendance.

Ho, Belinda, Monmotha, WhiteDragon, BigBadOrc, Blackcat, SailorFlora, Fluffyumpopdog, 2 randys, dubukat, ShawnS
Thanks for this...I almost immediately forgot everyone's names. :oops:

It was great. I vote for a different machine next meet up. That machine has a whopping 6 songs I like in it. :cry:
I need to investigate the great times that was mentioned... was it questionable if they still have a machine? Otherwise, Post Road Rec has Exceed NX (I think) for 50 cents a game. Although janky, I would prefer it over the one at D&B due to the music content.
PS other than our friend we're living with (& ShawnS is working with) we know no one locally. Feel free to invite us to do stuff if ya wanna.
Hit me up on
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