If you thought about getting ready for WPF2008...

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If you thought about getting ready for WPF2008...

Post by FLAKK » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:32 pm

I figured everyone should know this since AM seems to only care about Mexico.

Here is my message to Kevin Lee at Andamiro USA:


I went to the Mexico portion of piugame.com and saw some rules for 2008. From what I could translate (which wasn't much), it looked like there will not be a WPF2008 but said it would be looked into if sales, club activities, etc. grew. It also appeared that the event would only be for "A" countries. Does this mean that there will not be Nationals for other countries as well (or any, if there is not a WPF2008)?

Also, I am looking into planning a tournament at an arcade near where I live that just got PIU. Who should I go to about getting prizes for the event when it happens? I do not know who the lead supporter is for this year (actually, I heard rumors that we would all be on the same level now that Nationals/WPF are in limbo). The final list of supporters has not been posted yet.

Thank you,
Chris Garwood

Here is his reply to me:

Dear Chris,

For your reference we are still checking the feasibility to make the WPF 2008 yet. So, basically this year we will have the A and B grade countries.
A grade countries: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina
B grade countries: All the remaining including USA.
Basically we will have the events (Location, Regional, National) for A grade countries.
For the B grade countries we will have only the Location events. We will make the events in B grade countries until we get some level and then these B countries will turn into a A grade countries.
This level will be decided by ANDAMIRO.
Also, the leader of this year is the same as of last year Adolfo Anderson missionpossiblestudios@hotmail.com

Best Regards,



I am really not liking how Adamiro cut the list of countries that get any sort of sponsorship down to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina (it seems they even cut off Korea). Nothing like shooting themselves in the foot again.
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Post by YeehawMcKickass » Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:18 pm

We have to remember, this is Andamiro. They're good at doing two things:

Shooting themselves
Changing their mind repeatedly

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