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Post by SirPhobos » Sat Mar 05, 2005 5:00 am

time to go board game on yo ass!

anyone play risk or Risk: 2210?

me and a couple friends started a game of Risk 2210 tonight. we had to stop, cause we were all out of energy and caffiene.

the night went sorta kinda mostly like this:

The Fourth World War began early, around 00:30. Three Generals and their troops declared all-out war, seperating the world nearly into thirds.
When the war began, Asia was controlled by mostly General Bobo. General Jesus had some troops in certain countries, but was not a significant power in Asia. Austraila, or at least the non-nuclear wasteland portion, was controlled by both Bobo and Jesus. The Middle East was mostly under the power of General Kefka, with power from both Bobo and Jesus in small countries. The same can be said for Africa. The Americas were dominated by Bobo and Jesus.

Within the First year of the war, there were many changes of power. Jesus acquiring most of South America, Bobo fighting for Africa, and Kefka spreading across the Middle East and Africa. at 02:07, the beaches of South America were stormed by the Armies of General Kefka. His attempt to flush the area of General Jesus's troops was successful---for a time. Jesus fought off Kefka, while gaining control of most of North America from Bobo. Bobo fell back to Asia, besting out many of Kefka and Jesus's lesser powered countries.

The second year saw the growth of Kefka's Navy. Bobo and Jesus would soon follow, preventing Kefka from taking the seven seas. Assaults were carried out against Jesus, only to have steath machines appear out of nowhere. Jesus launched a nuclear bomb, obliterating an entire country of enemy fighters. Bobo swept across Asia, and sneaked into North America, taking Jesus's territories. Kefka finally acquires all of Africa. He conquers half the ocean. This year would be known as "when the drunk guys came home" year.

The third year, saw the assassination of several commanders from each force. Jesus's Land commander is assassinated, replaced and assassinated again, and replaced again. Bobo's navy commander is assassinated. Bobo's Land commander is assassinated and replaced. Kefka acquires the middle east and Europe. He still controls Africa, and now has moved to storm the beaches of South America once more. Jesus's forces are weakened, nearly expired from south america, and have fallen back to north america and parts of the Pacific Ocean.

At 04:00 of the fourth year, there was silence... nothing new has been heard from either of the three sides... It is mysterious how complete chaos has been suddenly calmed without reason.

When will the battles erupt again? Only time will tell...

...To be continued...?
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Post by djfooboo » Fri Mar 11, 2005 12:29 am

I loffles RISK, the problem is I have nobody to play with, my friends who played have all gone away to college. I wanted to get the crazy space risk, but when it first came out it was like 60.00. I am a big fan of board games, they bring people together more than video games a lot of times. Video games become automation aftre a while. [/rambling]

Do you also play Axis and Allies? I love that game, but it is impossible to find people to play because the rules are too difficult for some people.

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