e-Amuse possibly expanding to the West

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e-Amuse possibly expanding to the West

Post by Diamondback1996 » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:27 pm

http://p.eagate.573.jp/gate/p/mypage/si ... &mid=29189

Is it happening?

Translation from http://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/viewt ... =1#p334543
【Important】eAMUSEMENT Site Global Service Announcement

Release Date: 2015.03.19 7:00 (JST) ~

Thank you for continued usage of eAMUSEMENT.
This site, though previously only available in Japan, now we will release the eAMUSEMENT site service targeting regions other than Japan.

<New Customers>
Because you select a country when registering, please do not list an incorrect country, as you will be able to register. If you already have a Konami ID, please login with that ID. If you do not currently posses a Konami ID, you may register here.


<Existing Customers>
When you access the site once global access begins, please confirm the country to which your Konami ID is registered. You will also need to agree to the terms of use, following which you may continue to use the eAMUSEMENT site. If registering in regions other than Japan, you will not be able to receive the Japanese services. Because you cannot change the regional information of a Konami ID after registration, if you are in a different country than provided, please register a new account.

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Re: e-Amuse possibly expanding to the West

Post by Merk » Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:08 pm

Possibly. The US fake e-Amuse received a cease & desist order over the weekend and the very next day Konami made this announcement. We really don't know any details yet. This is very likely something Konami will charge arcade owners to use so I highly doubt the average arcade owner wants to hook their machines up to e-Amuse especially if it costs money. That's all assuming Konami is going to allow the US to join e-Amuse, they're very vague in this announcement.

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