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RIP: Pentavision

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:10 am
by Amp Divorax
As per a post from Eddie from Bemanistyle:

"I can't speak about any of the inner workings of the company or future plans (partially because I don't know what Korea has planned most of the time until they contact us in the US about it) but yes, Pentavision Entertainment merged with Neowiz Mobile this past summer. Pentavision Studio is now basically just a team of developers who make titles for Neowiz Mobile. Some of the original DJMAX team has either been shifted to new projects, or no longer works for the company. I know that Planetboom, AstroKid, and XeoN are still there though."

Looks like DJMAX may be done for outside of RAY and Technika 3 updates unless Neowiz decides to keep it going.