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DJ Max Lives!!!!

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:21 pm
by Amp Divorax
First, DJ Max Portable 3 gets announced (Worldwide release):

Second, DJ Max Hot Tunes gets announced for Japan: ... 1001000080

Then, DJ Max Trilogy got updated with 5 new songs!

Welcome back Pentavision!

Re: DJ Max Lives!!!!

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:13 pm
by Amp Divorax
DJ Max Portable 3 info:
- Currently listed for an October 7th release according to Amazon. No solid confirmation though.
- A limited edition release will be happening exclusively through Bemanistyle.
- Apparently it will NOT have auto-correct. (YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!)
- A new remix mode will be available that looks legitimately intriguing.
- Fever mode is 5x like in Portable 2 in trailers so 6x and 7x Fever from Black Square may not be on this.
- The songlist will have some overlap with DJ Max Technika 2.

Also, a new update for DJ Max Trilogy has been release which adds Y, Super Sonic, and Remember.

Edit: Wait, Auto-Correct (Called Key Assist on this) can now be turned on and off at will! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!

Re: DJ Max Lives!!!!

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:13 am
by Amp Divorax
Apparently Portable 3 is going to have a limited run in the US with 5,000 of the Regular Edition of the UMD (which is the standard $40) and 1,000 of the Special Bundle Edition (which is $110 and comes with the limited edition packaging, the alternate cover for the UMD box, an artbook, and the Portable 3 soundtrack) available through Bemanistyle and Amazon. (Honestly, I don't blame PM studios for not bothering with brick and mortar on this one since the game is a little bit on the niche side.) Once the UMD is sold out, the only way to buy it will be on the Playstation Network.

Other notes:
- No Auto Correct in this game! (YAY!)
- All regions getting this release will be getting the same game! (I.E. Same songlist and features all around.)
- Apparently D2 from Technika 2 is confirmed for this game. (Let's hope they don't try for the psychotic scrolling speeds they were using in T2.)
- The new songs that were revealed have some selections that are VERY different from what has regularily seen in the series as shows.
- The leveling system from Portable 2 and Trilogy is back. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
- The game shows scores like Clazziquai and Black Square did. (I.E. it shows number of breaks, score, and accuracy instead of just the score like Portable 2 did.)
- The song selection screen is a variation of what was in Portable 1.
- A battle system will be in this game, what type though is not known yet. (Hopefully it will be similar to what Trilogy uses and NOT Portable 2.)

Edit: This is a bit of a shocking development. Play Asia pulled their listing of DJ Max Portable 3 earlier this week shortly before the Bemanistyle announcement. It's not often a game gets pulled, but Play-Asia may be doing this partially due to this release being in all regions. (Europe can order from Bemanistyle apparently and like all other regions it will be also available to them via PSN.)

Re: DJ Max Lives!!!!

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:10 am
by Amp Divorax
Well.... this information was not expected about Portable 3, but here it is.

- Link Disc and Network Mode WILL NOT be in this release. (stability issues were cited on the ruliweb site.)
- The unlock system is on a level by level basis, mission mode, and Challenge mode with 70 missions, 30 challenges.
- DJ Max Hot Tunes was apparently a sign of things to come as 5 button WILL NOT be in this release. The most shocking announcement though is that there is no sign of 8 button/6bfx in this release. 6.2T was confirmed though so there is a potential for charts that are legitimately more difficult than what has been seen with 8 button before.
- Internet Ranking will be further emphasized on this release instead of just being a small aspect of the game. More on this as it develops.

Re: DJ Max Lives!!!!

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:35 am
by Amp Divorax
Portable 3 Mini-Review:

- The remix system is a pretty awesome idea. While it isn't perfect it is a nice addition to the series.
- VERY well done charts for 4T and 6T. (The 6T chart for Outlaw Reborn HD is a legitimate 13.)
- Leveling up yields a new unlock which is actually cool.
- 7x Fever has returned. (However, along with the traditional 0.5x speedup at 4x Fever, there is now ANOTHER 0.5x speedup at 6x Fever. Now Portable fans get to feel the pain of Trilogy fans!)
- The timing window has now been changed to include a window on the early side for breaking the combo. This is a series first, but personally, this gives new emphasis on skill and accuracy along with effectively neutralizing button spamming.
- The song select interface is the best in the series. (The video for the song plays in the background which is a VERY nice touch.)
- Decent range of songs despite only have 40 songs (30 songs are available from the start with 10 of the songs being unlocked by leveling up.)

- Issues with various difficulties. The timing for Normal difficulty seems easier than prior releases to the point where I already have 100% accuracy scores for 6 charts. Also, Hard difficulty still having a health bar that stage breaks after only 3-4 misses. (I wish I was joking, but this was first established in Portable 2. The reality is that the health bar should have been made more lenient given the increased emphasis on playing that mode.) The big issue though is that turntable notes in remix mode actually take MORE health away which just makes the game unbalanced and even more annoying in Hard mode.
- TEDIOUS grinding and unlock requirements. Michael Yum stated in an interview with Bemanistyle that just about everybody should be able to unlock everything with ease. Due to the return of the Just 1% mission and a DJ Challenge that requires a song get MAX 1% rating from start to finish, I'm officially calling bullshit on that statement. The level system in past DJ Max games required a playcount of roughly 1000-1200 to reach level 99. This time around though it's going to take at least a playcount of 2000 which is made worse by the smaller songlist. The biggest kick in the nuts is from the simple fact that 6.2T is unlocked at level 50 if the correct unlock crate is selected.
- UMDs are having a VERY limited run. Fortunately, the Playstation Network version is coming out on the 19th.

Rating: 5/10
- 4 points lost due to the tedious grinding required to unlock everything. Due to the smaller songlist and song unlocks not even starting until at the level 30 range this unlock system is outright ABYSMAL. (I wish I was joking, but even Korean players are complaining about this system.)
- 1 point lost due on grounds of failing to deliver as the game has only 40 songs despite pre-launch promotion touting 50 songs. This is the one time where I do hope that downloadable songs will happen finally as it would help increase the replay value of the game.

In short, this is a good game and not full of bugs like Clazziquai Edition and Black Square, but the unlock system and songlist are it's biggest downfall.

I will also mention that this is not related to the game directly, but rather a general complaint as this is a trend for most consoles now. Forcing firmware updates is one of the most annoying things ever and as this game requires OFW 6.31 it gets even more annoying. To get the game to run on Custom Firmware I actually had to switch to Prometheus-2 CFW so I could play the UMD. Also, Data Install DOES NOT WORK if using Custom Firmware which is total BS. I can understand wanting to curb piracy, but given Sony's track record on firmware updates, I want no part of their firmware releases until the 6.20 Homebrew Enabler gets released.