AllusiveGold: back at it again

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Re: AllusiveGold: back at it again

Post by Riot » Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:45 pm

Here's another funny one I saved for some reason of me being trolly with Amp! <3 Don't get mad, I ain't got nuthin but luv 4 u Ampy!

[18:47] Amp Divorax: y0, what in the world is that gif you put up on Troopers CS?
[18:48] Ark Reaver: =^.^= meow
[18:48] Amp Divorax: I'm confused, lol
[18:48] Ark Reaver: I'm from the future
[18:48] Ark Reaver: Expand your mind!
[18:49] Ark Reaver: My ultimate goal is to make beatmania go back to 8th style timing
[18:49] Ark Reaver: And take the world down with me
[18:49] Ark Reaver: MWAHAHAHA\
[18:49] Amp Divorax: (Crickets Chirping)If this is a joke then it didn't work.
[18:50] Ark Reaver: Soon, the world will be plagued with 8th style timing
[18:50] Ark Reaver: And the revolution will be complete.
[18:51] Ark Reaver: Everyone will lag hundredth of a second, and slowly, over time the discrepancy will increase, completely lagging society until eventually a time-space continuum rips open the galaxy
[18:51] Ark Reaver: And they will feel my wrath.
[18:52] Amp Divorax: Um, the timing already went back to 8th style type, lol
[18:52] Ark Reaver: Then my plan is in motion.
[18:52] Amp Divorax: I take it you haven't played Gold CS and DJ Troopers AC
[18:52] Ark Reaver: What I have played will not matter when the apocalypse descends upon the land.
[18:53] Amp Divorax: They have timing adjustments for both console and arcade so you can get that exact timing on screens, lol!
[18:53] Amp Divorax: Oh, you mean when the Vogons blow up the earth for a new interspace highway.
[18:53] Ark Reaver: NO!
[18:53] Ark Reaver: I mean the Konamians
[18:53] Ark Reaver: From Mother planet
[18:54] Amp Divorax: Um, Americunts killed the Konamians
[18:54] Amp Divorax: Why do you think America doesn't get most of the games.
[18:54] Ark Reaver: By playing on music games with timing a fraction of a second off, slowly and slowly humanity will slip into a time warp and the bridge back to my homeworld will be complete.
[18:54] Amp Divorax: If you want to do that to people 3rd style would actually be better
[18:54] Amp Divorax: LOL
[18:55] Amp Divorax: Better yet, give it Gambol timing windows
[18:55] Ark Reaver: The Americans are falling for my plot. As Guitar Hero tightens its grip on the mainstream, people continue to hit notes off-beat and are not punished for it, throwing further and further into chaos
[18:56] Amp Divorax: lol
[18:56] Amp Divorax: How will this trigger armageddon?
[18:56] Ark Reaver: INSOLENT FOOL
[18:56] Amp Divorax: and what drugs are you on so I can have some?
[18:56] Amp Divorax: Where can I get them rather?
[18:56] Ark Reaver: I can not reveal mother's plans.
[18:57] Amp Divorax: Ok Norman Bates
[18:57] Ark Reaver: Actually, Chad just told me to talk about 8th style timing with you because apparently it causes dramabombs so I figured I'd just be weird.
[18:57] Ark Reaver: And I'm bored at work.
[18:57] Amp Divorax: It doesn't
[18:57] Amp Divorax: The timing doesn't bother me at all.
[18:58] Ark Reaver: Well then consider yourself saved from armageddon.
[18:58] Amp Divorax: The only issue was that it was Konami's attempt to use higher quality graphics and it didn't work out as well as expected.
[18:59] Amp Divorax: Playstation 1 based hardware trying to run at 640x480 is not going to look smooth.
[18:59] Ark Reaver: Even if it slathers itself in butter?
[19:00] Amp Divorax: sadly that is true
[19:00] Amp Divorax: Um, I think the style Chad was referring to on timing wasn't 8th style.
[19:00] Amp Divorax: It was either 3rd or 5th style as both of them were pretty borked.
[19:01] Amp Divorax: Albeit I still got the AAAs on most of the songs so it wasn't completely fucked.
[19:01] Amp Divorax: Well.... Except for Gambol
[19:02] Ark Reaver: Gambol is the harbinger of death, sent by mother to annihilate Earth.
[19:02] Amp Divorax: Um, it's not in Empress so your attempts have been foiled.
[19:03] Amp Divorax: Personally I love torturing people with the another!
[19:03] Amp Divorax: Too bad it's console only
[19:03] Amp Divorax: Well, I'm out for now.
[19:04] Amp Divorax: l8r

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Re: AllusiveGold: back at it again

Post by Amp Divorax » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:01 pm

Now that I think about it, you never told me what drugs you were on and where I could get them! I seriously want to know cause they seemed pretty awesome!
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AllusiveBlue: no more excellents

Post by DAVE101 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:59 pm

The few times I've played with Allusive Gold he was pretty calm and encouraging. The only thing I noticed was him walking off the pads after getting too many excellents

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Re: AllusiveGold: back at it again

Post by Fluffyumpkins » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:40 pm

Music is a special thing because everyone is wrong on everything but it all works out in the end and we all get high as shit.

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Re: AllusiveGold: back at it again

Post by DAVE101 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:10 pm


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