Internet dating *or* grasping for love at end of one's rope

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Re: Internet dating *or* grasping for love at end of one's r

Post by Merk » Tue May 31, 2016 12:23 pm

Welp, here's another story:

Started talking to a chica on Bumble last week (that's another dating app that's basically Tinder except the ladies have to message the guys first) and we actually hit it off pretty well. We had a bunch in common, we both were a little weird, and most importantly we were both comfortable with ourselves and knew what we wanted out of life. So she adds me on Snapchat and we send each other a bunch of snaps and she asks me if we want to meet up sometime. I agree and we meet up at Nicky Blaine's downtown near the circle since I mentioned I had never been there and had always wanted to go.

We meet up and actually have a legit good time! There's a little awkwardness at first but we start talking more and more and get more comfortable with the situation. We have drinks, we have some smokes (Nicky Blaine's is a cigar bar), and we talk for like a solid 4 hours. We both agree to go get some fresh air and walk around the circle. We walk around, pop a squat on the steps, and talk some more until it's time to go since we both had to work the next morning. I talk her to her car, she initiates a little make out sesh, and she asks me if I want to hang out with her and some friends on Saturday at Indy City Brewing for a hip-hop show. Obvs I agree.

Saturday comes around, meet up at her place, she shows me around, we go to the venue, get a few drinks, and I meet her friends who all seem like chill people. The opening act is, I shit you not, a heavy metal band so it becomes impossible to hold a conversation. So we just sort of sip beers, exchange wincing glances, and try to make the odd comment here and there between songs. The hip-hop group makes it on-stage after what seems like an eternity and they play their set which ended up being pretty good! The lady tells me she's not feeling well and asks me to take her home, I do.

The next day she calls me and tells me she realized yesterday that she doesn't want to date anyone and wants to be friends. I tell her I'm cool with that and to hit me up sometime since we both sort of run in the same circles. And that, as they say, was that.

Sigh...... I actually liked this woman and would have liked to have gotten to know her more but that's life, at the end of the day at least I didn't get ghosted. You can't really blame someone if they're not feeling it but it's weird that things can go completely 180 in the blink of an eye. Maybe it wasn't going as well as I had thought? Who knows...

Back to the drawing board!

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